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Our Lawyers

Our lawyers are trained in the art of common sense and take the extra step to balance practical business realities with legal considerations.

Cummins & White, LLP lawyers are invited to join the firm only after demonstrating exceptional legal aptitude and outstanding communication skills. Our lawyers have excellent academic credentials from some of the nation’s leading law schools and represent a diverse range of cultural and geographic backgrounds.

Cummins & White lawyers are astute, diligent and disciplined. They are committed to excellence in all their endeavors, as professionals and as individuals. Our lawyers actively participate in bar associations and other professional organizations, frequently serving in leadership roles.

Consequently, our clients benefit by having lawyers who truly see the “big picture” and offer advice which is pragmatic, results-oriented and responsive to their needs.

Image of Fred M Whitaker, Managing Partner, Cummins & White LLP

Fred Whitaker

Managing Partner

Erick Becker, Cummins & White LLP

Erick Becker

Senior Partner

Robert J. Lamm

Robert Lamm

Senior Partner

Larry Arnold, Cummins & White LLP

Larry Arnold

Senior Counsel

This is an image of Wendy Hsu, Attorney for Cummins & White, LLP

Wendy Hsu

Senior Associate

Image of Image of Joshua Park, attorney for Cummins & White LLP

Joshua Park

Senior Associate

Hwui Lee, Cummins & White LLP

Hwui Lee


Image of Jiaying Li, attorney for Cummins & White, LLP

Jiaying Li


Image of Tony Cheng, attorney for Cummins & White LLP

Tony Cheng


Image of Dalia Wahab, Cummins & White LLP

Dalia Wahab


Our Paralegals

Our paralegals have worked with the same attorneys at Cummins & White for many years, giving them a thorough understanding of each practice and a keen insight into the application of California or federal law on various industries. We rely on our paralegals for their thoughtful contribution to each case.

Anna Dixon

Paralegal Supervisor

Jaclyn Valdez