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Law Firm Case Studies

From the courtroom to the boardroom, Cummins & White, LLP consistently wins cases.

Our team of experienced and talented lawyers share a breadth of knowledge and expertise that make us well-suited for most any kind of case, and our firm’s continued dedication to legal education means that we never stop learning how to tackle the evolving challenges of a constantly changing legal world.

Still, showing you how successful Cummins & White, LLP has been over the past six decades is a lot more effective than telling you. Our case studies — within the fields of Commercial Litigation, Commercial Transactions, Criminal Defense, Healthcare, and Insurance — help illustrate our diverse abilities and depth of creative solutions.

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Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation encompasses a wide range of business-related disputes, including issues within the fields of Real Estate, Contracts, Business Liability, Employment, Class Action lawsuits, and much more. In our long history, Cummins & White, LLP has found inventive solutions both for businesses and for those adversely affected by them. As these case studies show, no case is the same, and neither are the strategies we’ve used to win for our clients.

Commercial Litigation Case Studies

Commercial Transactions

The intricacies of Commercial Transactions can make selling and acquiring assets, obtaining financing, or protecting one’s business into a complicated process. We help our clients obtain the results they need while ensuring the future of their businesses and investments. As our case studies show, we can help businesses big and small accomplish their goals.

Commercial Transactions Case Studies

Healthcare Legal

Healthcare is an industry that is constantly changing, and Cummins & White, LLP has the ability to navigate this evolving field with a balanced approach for all stakeholders. As these case studies show, we’ve tackled everything within the Healthcare Industry, from wrongful termination and breach of contract to defending the licenses of medical professionals and much more.

Healthcare Legal Case Studies

Insurance Legal

From defending our clients against fraudulent insurance claims to reclaiming property subrogations, Cummins & White, LLP has successfully defended and lead our clients through all aspects of Insurance Law. As our case studies show, our team’s extensive experience and applicable legal knowledge has consistently led us to success.

Insurance Legal Case Studies