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Virtual EUO Testimonial

By September 26, 2012October 24th, 2018Insurance Blog, Melody Mosley
Melody Mosley

Melody Mosley

Technology innovation continues at Cummins & White.  Attorneys can now conduct Examinations Under Oath online and in real time, eliminating costly and time-consuming travel.

Insurance attorney Melody Mosley recently utilized the virtual service to conduct an EUO with parties in three locations.  The insured was in Malaysia at a video conferencing center; Melody, her client, an interpreter, and a court reporter were at an office in Costa Mesa, and the insured’s attorney was in Los Angeles.  The EUO was easy to schedule, and the parties were quickly connected by the click of a mouse.  Three hours later, the EUO was over, and all the parties quickly returned to their offices.

Melody said a key benefit of the virtual EUO is the ability to observe how a witness answers questions in real time.  This is valuable since it enables Melody to consider the credibility of the witness based on his or her body language and gestures—something that is not conveyed over the phone.