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Attorney Spotlight: Joshua Park

About Joshua Park

Image of Image of Joshua Park, attorney for Cummins & White LLP

You may already be familiar with Joshua Park, our Senior Associate who joined Cummins and White, LLP in the summer of 2023. Joshua is an experienced attorney who has, for nearly a decade, represented employees and employers in employment law matters in California and federal courts, specifically, litigating claims made under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”), the California Labor Code (individual and class action), and the California Private Attorneys General Act (“PAGA”). Through his extensive experience in counseling and litigating employment disputes, Mr. Park has developed and honed his skills in evaluating complicated claims, succinctly and accurately communicating client options amidst an ever-changing legal landscape, and providing guidance to clients on their available options in light of client financial and strategic objectives.

Our clients appreciate Josh’s friendly demeanor, and opposing counsel appreciate Josh’s experience, no-nonsense approach, and knowledge of the law, which ensures disputes are competently and timely resolved, all of which inure to our clients’ benefit.

During his spare time, Josh loves traveling and spending time with his wife.  Josh is also a Mixed Martial Arts fan, who enjoys training Muay Thai.  We’re proud to have Josh on our team.

If you have any business, employment or commercial matters, please do not hesitate to contact Joshua Park ( to set up a time to discuss.