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Should I Sue?

By October 31, 2012October 25th, 2018Business Blog, Iman Reza
Iman Reza

Iman Reza

Imagine you have the most amazing case. If you sue, there is little doubt that you would win. The facts appear perfectly aligned for you. But should you sue?

Among the most important investigations you should commit to is a credit check (an asset search and financial investigation) of the defendant. In other words, does the defendant have the pockets to pay?

Whether or not to sue should be a pure business decision irrespective of your emotions or the principle at stake. The right decision could save you a lot of money, time and further agony.   You want to avoid winning your case, paying your lawyer and being exhausted emotionally only to find that the defendant can’t pay you.  Unfortunately this is a very realistic scenario for plaintiffs who sue without proper counseling. Before filing suit, it is paramount to have this discussion with a lawyer who understands business as well as law.