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Get Paid by Using Design Professional Liens Effectively

By January 10, 2021October 1st, 2021Edward J. Farrell
Edward Farrell Cummins & White


Design Professionals:

Get Paid by Using Design Professional Liens effectively.

In the linked video, Ed Farrell shows you how to protect your interests and get paid.

You will learn how to avoid taking the kinds of actions that can lead to a whole host of unanticipated problems, like

• encouraging larger litigation issues,
• encouraging counterclaims,
• consuming considerable time and expense, and
• lost relationships

Design Professional Liens ease your process of doing business.

Let us

• inform you and help you make decisions every step of the way.
• provide you with ample time to review documents,
• deliver concise and accurate information, and
• ensure we work with your team in a way that benefits you the most.

We format our advice to make it easy to use and practical. Our responses are quick and thoughtful.

You are welcome to reach out to Ed Farrell to set up a time to discuss your unique situation.