Construction Industry

The Cummins & White Construction Team has over 70 years of experience assisting our colleagues in the construction industry throughout the State of California.  The construction industry’s constantly changing processes and legal structure are often difficult for our clients to navigate.  With our experience comes the capability and passion to aggressively help our clients solve their complex problems, large and small.

Some of the things we do:

  • Drafting and advising re contracts
    • Commercial
    • Public
    • Public-Private partnership
    • Design build
  • Construction disputes Federal, Public and Private
    • During construction
    • Post-construction
    • Mechanic Liens
    • Stop payment notices
    • Bond claims
    • Indemnity claims
    • Miller Act bond claims
    • Code Violations
    • Onsite injuries
    • Litigation
    • Mediation and Arbitration
  • DBE (Disadvantaged business entities)
    • Assist prospective DBE in qualifications
    • Advice concerning contractual relations and scope issues with DBE
  • Contractor licensing
    • Remedies for unlicensed work
    • Assistance to contractors with licensing issues
  • Bid Protests and Disputes
    • Open bidding
    • Closed bidding
    • Wage claims
    • Prevailing wage audits
    • Wage and hour disputes

Some of those we serve in the Construction Industry:

  • owners
  • builders
  • developers
  • contractors
  • sub-contractors
  • design professionals
  • suppliers

Contact the Construction team leader:

Ed Farrell
(949) 852-1800