Commercial Transactions Case Studies

The immense amount of intricacies and complications inherent to the world of Commercial Transactions can make the process of selling and acquiring assets, obtaining financing, or protecting one’s business into a complicated process. Using our diverse range of experience and knowledge at Cummins & White, LLP, we have helped our clients obtain the results they need while also ensuring the future of their businesses and investments. As the case studies below show, whether it’s a multi-million dollar deal, an elaborate acquisition, or a strategic plan to protect one’s future, we can help businesses big and small accomplish their goals.

Real Property and Corporate Law

COMPLEX BUSINESS DEAL INCLUDING STOCKS, REAL ESTATE & SEVERANCE PAY SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED FOR COMPANY SHAREHOLDER Highlights Over a five-month period, Cummins & White, LLP, successfully represented a founding shareholder in a complex business transaction involving stocks, real estate, and severance pay, among several key items. The firm worked diligently to make certain that the Client, […]

Merger & Acquisitions- Solar Monkey

 SOLAR ENERGY FIRM SELLS OWNERSHIP INTEREST & RAISES FUNDS FOR EXPANSION Highlights Cummins & White, LLP, effectively represented Komodo Enterprises, Inc., in the sale of 49 percent ownership interest in its solar energy company, raising $7 million in cash to be used for business expansion.  The deal also included $15 million in convertible notes. Cummins […]

Real Estate Acquisition & Financing

RETAIL GASOLINE PROPERTIES & WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTION RIGHTS ACQUIRED IN MULTIFACETED TRANSACTION Highlights Over a period of nearly 17 months, Cummins & White, LLP, helped one of California’s largest Shell-branded fuel distributors acquire multiple gas stations in a deal totaling nearly $19 million. A key part of the transaction was the creation of a master limited […]

Defective Grantor Trust

INTENTIONALLY DEFECTIVE GRANTOR TRUSTS PROTECT ASSETS FROM ESTATE AND GIFT TAXES Highlights Cummins & White, LLP developed a plan to help the owner of a successful business protect more than $30 million from estate and gift taxes by creating Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts. Based on its expertise in estate, gift, and income tax law, the firm […]

Assets and Interest Acquisition

RV FURNITURE MANUFACTURER GUIDED THROUGH COMPLEX BUSINESS PURCHASE Highlights Cummins & White, LLP successfully represented HTKF Holdings in an intricate business deal, negotiating with a third-party and allowing HTKF Holdings to acquire the assets and interests of its competitor. In three weeks, negotiations were done and four complex transactions were completed, including an asset purchase […]

Asset Purchase

AUTO FINANCE COMPANY COMPLETES MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR ACQUISITION Highlights Cummins & White, LLP successfully represented Bankers Auto Acceptance Corporation, an auto finance company, when it purchased a Southern California-based competitor. Based on its expertise in mergers and acquisitions, Cummins & White conducted due diligence, as well as drafted and executed nearly 40 sales-related legal documents, including the […]

Loan Assignment and Assumption

APARTMENT OWNER SECURES FANNIE MAE APPROVAL OF LOAN TRANSFER AFTER THE FACT Highlights Cummins & White, LLP representing the owner of a 296-unit apartment building in a complex real estate transaction, worked with Wells Fargo and Fannie Mae to secure approval of a loan transfer from one of the owner’s corporate entities to another, avoiding […]

Merger and Acquisition

SALE OF COUNTERTOP MANUFACTURER HELPS BUSINESS AVOID BANKRUPTCY Highlights Cummins & White, LLP successfully represented a commercial manufacturing client in the sale and/or lease of its assets to a competitor despite the fact that all company assets were encumbered by secured liens totaling nearly $3.5 million. Based on its expertise in business acquisitions and business […]