Trade Secret Litigation

Trade secrets are significant intellectual property assets and for some businesses, the most important assets of the company. When trade secrets are misappropriated, litigation – including pursuit of a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction – is often the most effective response.  However, many times companies use the trade secret litigation or the threat of litigation as a means of stifling lawful competition.

Cummins & White, LLP lawyers successfully represent clients in both defending and prosecuting trade secret litigation. We investigate and determine the merits of the claim, compose or respond to “cease and desist” letters, and handle all facets of the case from the complaint to and through trial and appeal, if necessary.

Trade secret cases generally arise from an employment situation, such as:

  • Hiring an employee with “alleged” trade secrets
  • Suing another company for hiring a former employee who left our client’s company with “alleged” trade secrets.

Cummins & White attorneys bring a solid understanding of business operations and employment law to trade secret litigation. Whether we are protecting our client’s trade secrets or defending clients accused of trade secret abuse, we continually achieve favorable results.