Real Estate Published Decisions

Marshall v. Department of Water and Power of the City of Los Angeles (1990) 219 Cal. App. 3d 1124, 268 Cal. Rptr. 559. Judgment is affirmed, except for two plaintiffs are remanded for consideration of attorneys’ fees. Issue: The trial court abused its discretion by applying a uniform standard to all plaintiffs’ requests for attorney fees as to their cause of action for inverse condemnation and disregarding the actual dollar impact on the individual plaintiffs. View full text

Quevedo v. Braga (1977) 72 Cal. App. 3d Supp.1, 140 Cal. Rptr. 143. Judgment: Judgment affirmed. Issue: A breach of the implied warranty of habitability can only be raised as a defense in an unlawful detainer action, and may not be relied upon to establish a cause of action against a landlord.  View full text

Wilson v. Abrams (1969) 1 Cal. App. 3d 1030, 82 Cal Rptr. 272. Judgment is affirmed. Issue: While exclusion of certain evidence of construction by the parties of the agreement creating the easement was erroneous, reversal was not required in view of the other evidence of the case.

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