Insurance Legal Case Studies

From defending our clients against fraudulent insurance claims to reclaiming property subrogations, Cummins & White, LLP has successfully defended and lead our clients through all aspects of Insurance Law, including providing our services in regards to claims, appraisals, appeals, and ultimately winning trials. As the case studies below show, the extensive experience and applicable legal knowledge shared between our team of lawyers has consistently led us to success.

Insurance Breach of Contract, Bad Faith & Fraud

APPELLATE COURT UPHOLDS INSURERS’ DENIAL OF CLAIM FOR DEFECTIVE FLOORING ABSENT EVIDENCE OF ENSUING LOSS Highlights With extensive insurance property law and litigation knowledge and experience, Cummins & White successfully represented a group of insurance companies on appeal, obtaining affirmation of the insurers’ denial of a $37.5 million claim for repairs to cracked marble flooring […]

Insurance Fraud

INSURANCE COMPANY WINS FRAUD CASE AGAINST INDEPENDENT ADJUSTER Highlights With extensive insurance litigation experience, Cummins & White successfully represented a specialty fire and casualty insurance company that sued an independent adjuster and his employer for fraud in connection with various losses at a restaurant. Attorneys Larry Arnold and Kevin Price established during trial that the […]

Insurance and Real Estate Defense

BUSINESS BROKER SUCCESSFULLY DEFENDED IN MALPRACTICE LITIGATION Highlights Based on its years of experience in insurance and real estate defense, Cummins & White successfully represented a business broker who was sued for malpractice after the sale of a small bakery/restaurant and lease negotiation went askew shortly after escrow closed. At trial, attorneys Larry Arnold and […]

Tortious Interference & Unfair Competition

INSURANCE BROKER WINS ACTION AGAINST TOP NATIONAL COMPETITOR FOR INTENTIONAL INTERFERENCE & UNFAIR COMPETITION Highlights Based on its expertise in business litigation and insurance, Cummins & White successfully represented a small commercial auto insurance broker when it sued a subsidiary of one of the top 10 insurance brokers in the United States for stealing clients […]

Property Subrogation

CHURCH RECOVERS DAMAGES THROUGH INVERSE CONDEMNATION WHEN SEWER FLOODS Highlights Cummins & White subrogation expert Kevin Price successfully represented a church and its insurer in an inverse condemnation claim against the City of Los Angeles for flooding caused by a backed up sewer.  Pursuing this claim allowed the church and insurance company (via subrogation) to […]

Premises Liability

STEAKHOUSE IS VINDICATED AGAINST LIABILITY CHARGE & $1 MILLION DAMAGE CLAIM Highlights Based on their expertise in premises liability litigation, attorneys Jim Wakefield and Charles Murawski successfully defended a high-end restaurant when a diner claimed she was injured after falling off a chair and sued for $1 million. Using depositions, cross examination, and testimony from […]

Concealment of Material Fact & Fraudulent Claim

INSURANCE  COMPANY RECOVERS PAYMENTS WHEN INSURED CONCEALS SALE OF BUSINESS Highlights Larry Arnold of Cummins & White, LLP, an expert in insurance law, successfully represented an insurance company when it sued an insured and buyers who concealed the sale of a dry cleaning business and fraudulently collected payments following a fire that took place the […]

Recouping Good Faith Payments

INSURANCE COMPANY RECOUPS GOOD FAITH PAYMENTS AFTER FRAUD IS UNCOVERED IN FIRE CLAIM Highlights Larry Arnold of Cummins & White, LLP, an expert in insurance, real estate, and business law, successfully represented an insurance company through the claim process and trial when it sued a business owner to recoup good faith payments made in connection […]

Legitimate Dispute Doctrine

LANDMARK NORTHRIDGE EARTHQUAKE APPEALS CASE EXPANDS LEGITIMATE DISPUTE DOCTRINE IN BAD FAITH CLAIMS Highlights Cummins & White successfully defended an insurance company (representing it through the claim process, appraisal, trial, and appeal) charged with bad faith in a dispute over losses claimed by a condominium HOA following the Northridge earthquake. The trial court agreed that […]

Property Subrogation

DISCOVERY UNCOVERS MOTIVES LEADING TO COLLAPSE OF CONCRETE WALLS Highlights Attorney Kevin Price successfully handled a subrogation case against an engineering firm that was negligent when its engineers switched from large to small braces to support precast concrete walls.  During a windstorm, 12 walls collapsed causing $500,000 in damages. Mr. Price’s knowledge of engineering and […]

Property Subrogation

AUTO & GENERAL LIABILITY POLICIES TAPPED FOR RECOVERY WHEN FENDER BENDER CAUSES MILLIONS IN DAMAGE TO ELECTRICAL SUBSTATION Highlights Attorney Kevin Price successfully pursued both auto and general liability policies when working to recover substantial losses resulting from an auto accident that damaged an electrical substation causing a multimillion-dollar loss. Mr. Price’s expertise in real […]

Insurance Fraud/Examinations Under Oath

FRAUD  INVESTIGATION CONTRIBUTES TO CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS FOR MANSLAUGHTER & ARSON Highlights Based on its expertise in insurance coverage and taking examinations under oath, Cummins & White, LLP, assisted an insurance carrier in its arson investigation of a claim for fire damage to a residence. During examinations under oath, attorney Melody Mosley elicited misrepresentations from the homeowners, which in […]

Appraisal, Bad Faith Litigation, and Appeal

INSURANCE COMPANY VICTORIOUS IN COMPLEX PROCEEDINGS STEMMING FROM NORTHRIDGE EARTHQUAKE Highlights Based on its expertise in comprehensive insurance and bad faith claims, Cummins & White secured a favorable decision in bad faith litigation, with its client paying only $100,000—significantly less than the $18 million, plus punitive damages sought by the Plaintiffs. The firm successfully navigated the […]

Premises Liability Jewish Community Center

JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER AVOIDS PAYING AWARD TO WOMAN INJURED IN FALL Highlights Based on its expertise handling premises liability litigation, Cummins & White, LLP secured a defense verdict for the Jewish Community Center of Long Beach, CA, when an elderly woman who was badly injured on site sued the center. Despite being found negligent by […]

Appraisal and Appeal

INSURANCE APPRAISAL UPHELD BY CALIFORNIA COURT OF APPEALS Highlights Based on their insurance expertise, Larry Arnold and Annabelle Harris of Cummins & White secured a favorable appraisal award of $4.7 million—significantly less than the $16 million sought by the insured. Mr. Arnold and Ms. Harris then successfully navigated the case through the appeals process, emerging victorious […]

Premises Liability Slip and Fall

NEGLIGENCE CLAIM AGAINST 7-ELEVEN & FRANCHISE DENIED Highlights Cummins & White, LLP successfully defended longtime client 7-Eleven, Inc., the world’s largest convenience retailer, which was dismissed from the lawsuit soon after the trial commenced. The jury returned a verdict of no negligence for the franchise owner, Mr. Jagtar Samra. In-depth preparation and skilled cross-examination of […]